Saturday, September 15, 2007


Heard this on TV years ago.

A black man was talking to an all white audience in the town hall.
Standing on stage he declared loudly into the microphone- “ I am BLACK ”.
And went on. “ When I am angry I am BLACK . When I am sad I am BLACK .
When I am envious I am BLACK . No matter how and what, I remain BLACK ,

He then looked straight at his all white audience and boomed.
“But YOU….You are WHITE . But when you are angry you are RED . When sad you are BLUE .And when you are envious you turned GREEN. And YOU call ME coloured ?


Lantik Pegawai Khas kaum Cina bukan kerana pilihan raya - Salahuddin

SELEPAS Muktamar Agung PAS ke-53, pelbagai pendekatan 'baru' sudah mula digerakkan PAS dan sayap-sayap dewannya bagi mendedakatkan diri dengan masyarakat tidak mengira latar belakang warna kulit, agama mahupun fahaman politik………..
Jika dahulu PAS hanya dikenali sebagai parti orang Melayu Islam sahaja, namun kini PAS mula diterima oleh pelbagai lapisan masyarakat dan keturunan.
PAS telah menubuhkan Kelab Penyokongnya yang tersendiri yang terdiri daripada masyarakat kaum Cina dan India semasa Pilihan Raya Umum 2004”.

Excerpts from Harakahdaily.

My friends in PAS will not be happy. I apologize but I’ll say it anyway. Non Muslims will not support them. Never have, never will. Everybody knows that, PAS members and leaders included.

Yes the party are making effort to cut across racial and religious barriers in reaching people of
different of faith but fact of the matter is – PAS cannot get the all round support needed to win elections at national level. Simply because PAS by its own admission is an “Islamic party” , wanting to wrest control of the nation via the ballot boxes and rule in an “Islamic way’. Lets not go into details or be judgmental but despite all the “assurances of fairness and justice” to be meted out to non Muslims, they remain “skeptical” and “scared” of a PAS ruled nation.

Appointing a Chinese “special officer ‘ and the setting up of “ Chinese and Indians supporters clubs” , laudable no doubt but are not bringing in the desired results. PAS knows this.

Even the idea of opening up the party to non Muslims have resulted in many questions being asked rather than more answers being provided. And we all know what happened to the
“electoral pact” between Pas and the other opposition parties.

The trouble is , PAS wants to have the cake and the icing as well. The reality is they can’t.
PAS must choose one. If I’m running the party ( which I am not ) PAS should be bold enough to say “ we want to rule the nation the Islamic way” .

Even if that mean no non Muslims support and losing the general elections. In fact PAS President Tuan guru Haji Hadi Awang did say sometime ago that his party would rather lose the elections than compromised its “principles”. Sadly along the way things waver, although no fault of Haji Hadi but rather due to “ political necessities” .

Having said that I say this.—although PAS claim to be an “Islamic party” , it is now very much a
Muslim/Malay party with a very small number of non Malay Muslims members.

Hence the party should recruit Muslims of Chinese, Indian and other origins as party members.
Only then can PAS declare themselves a an all Muslim party. They might not rule the nation but they can be a strong force in Muslim majority areas. That’s what I believe .But then what do I know….

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


My uncle Allahyarham Omar Bin Jani (or OBJ as we called him based on
his initials ) loved to tell me this.
He said during Chinese New Year ,OBJ stood for Ong Beng Juan .
During Deepavali , it was Omsiva Balan Jega
And during Christmas, OBJ was for Oswald Benedict Jeffrey .

To us OBJ was for Orang Bukan Jahat and Orang Banyak Jasa.
May ALLAH bless his soul.


In other words, what the Information minister said was “Do pay attention to bloggers” .
But then…..

And now…..

THE END…..????